Pedalling the province

Photos by MINSHU MO Rather than taking a six-hour drive or gazing out of the window for five hours on the VIA train, Anibal Davila spent seven days and six nights on his bike from Toronto to Montreal. “Every day, there was only one thing you have to accomplish. It was to move forward, to … Continue reading


Theresa Finnerty picked herself up from the dusty trail winding down a narrow ridge high atop the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia.  On her left, the edge dropped off a 4,000 foot cliff to the Shenandoah River. Towering above her, an Arabian mare snorted and held itself back to keep its hooves from trampling her. She … Continue reading


Chinook, Algonquin Park, 2009 Naked and dripping wet from skinny dipping, I stood and watched while my dog Chinook trotted off down the trail with his broken leash dangling. My mind raced with grave doubts about taking him this time. Huskies will disappear for hours or days, if the mood strikes. Fifteen minutes later and … Continue reading

A tree with the big dipper behind it

The disappearing night sky

After Peter Goering retired, he and his wife started spending more time at their cottage on Lake of Bays. Having joined the Royal Astronomical Society (RASC), they used their time outside the city to really enjoy the dark sky. Over the years, they started noticing lights from surrounding cottages and communities dimming the stars and … Continue reading

Exploring nature on four-wheeler

Photo courtesy of Zack Helecoil Ever since getting Polaris 340 from a friend more than a decade a go, he’s been driving from his Brampton home to Harcourt Park, a cottage system at the bottom of Algonquin Park, spending entire day exploring the woods. Ever since getting Polaris 340 from a friend more than a … Continue reading

Rediscover Ontario’s light

As an evening breeze whistles through pine trees in Ontario’s first European settlement, clumps of snow fall from leafless branches and snuff out the light in a glass jar. No one seems to notice. In the company of 2,999 other candles, one extinguished light won’t dampen the holiday spirit aglow at Sainte Marie Among the … Continue reading

Jordan and two native guides look at map to find good fishing spots

Wilderness adventures on reserve land

When Edward Manser and three of his friends started planning a late October canoe trip in 2006 they thought the most complicated part would be the cold and windy weather. That is until they discovered that their planned route would take them through a Native reserve. They planned to do a loop through Killarney Provincial … Continue reading


    Mike Peters wiggles his bare torso into a narrow opening onto his bed cushioned with grass. Light shines through a hole in the roof built with saplings tied together with strips of cedar root and thatched with bark. When only his head shows, Peters rests his arms on the smooth mud floor where … Continue reading

Urban fishing: be simple, be responsible

Photo by MINSHU MO On a gloomy Saturday morning, wearing hip waders, Guido Lagdameo and Joel Fulgencio were walking in the Credit River reach underneath Burnhamthorpe Bridge, Mississauga. It had been nearly one month since the annual salmon run began. There are not many of them in the river. “It’s going to rain. You will … Continue reading

Nothing can stop you from exploring your new homeland

Photo by MINSHU MO On a recent Friday evening, as usual, Jim Li was browsing the travel block of, a well-known Chinese-Canadian online community. A thread posted by “canliu” drew his attention: “Let’s go hiking and watching the last maple leaves on the weekend.” He clicked on it and briefly replied: I will be … Continue reading